Muxmedia provides unmatched expertise in LED ambient and accent lighting solutions with unique results!

  • Entertainment/Artistic Events

    Lighting and entertainment energize us. It can make an ordinary environment into something extraordinary. Our flexible lighting solutions allow people to create experiences that are unique, adjustable and totally responsive in either outside on walls or to the inside, even under the table.


  • "Macy's expects the retrofit will reduce the company's energy consumption by 73 percent" Plans are underway with Macy's to RETROFIT 117,000 Halogen based lights with highly energy efficient LED Lamps. Going from 43-watt halogen lamps to 17-watt LED lights is expected to provide the same Lumens with considerably less energy use. The new Accent Lighting LED bulbs will be custom-made by Philips.

  • NEWS: "LED light retrofit saves $4,200 per month for just one of 330 stores"Furniture Row owns 330 specialty furniture stores under various brand names. In this case 11-Watt Cree LED lights replaced 250 highly inefficient 90-Watt halogen bulbs. Between all of the stores employees were spending 15 hours per week just replacing bulbs. These lights are rated to last 50,000 hours. That means that these lights should operate for 17 years burning 8 hours a day seven days a week.

  • NEWS: Cree, the LED company best known for their $10 LED bulb, has had a busy year. After releasing the Cree LED bulb in 40W and 60W equivalent models, the company went on to ship a high colour accuracy model, the Cree TW, and a BR30 directional bulb. Recently, well under a year since the release of its first consumer LED bulb, Cree has announced a 75W-equivalent, 1100 lumen model, priced at US$24. The 75W-equivalent Cree LED bulb produces 1100 lumens at 13.5W, which means an it operates at an excellent 84.5 lumens-per-watt. The bulb is rated for 25,000 hours and runs at 2700K. As with Cree's other bulbs, it's backed by the company's 10-year warranty.