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    The philosophy of lighting an office used to be to provide a uniform level of illumination throughout. Today, however, there is a growing awareness that efficiency can improve considerably if the lighting is more balanced, and adapted to each function. Reflections on computer screens can prove tiring as the day draws on, and as concentration drops, so does efficiency.

    We provide LED based lighting solutions not only that it will offer flexibility and adaptability, but it can help make people feel more comfortable at work and help stimulate their performance, while experiencing considerable energy and maintenance cost reductions.


  • TDE-lighttech launches new generation LED Moodspot Tunable White.The Moodspot is a high output LED spot who combines two unique features.The colour tone is tuneable from neutral white (4000K) to very warm white (1400K) and the Moodspot dims perfectly down to 0%, similar to Halogen lighting.

  • Dust-proof and competitive price are key words for new office LED flat panel.Features & benefits:
    - Dust-proof and maintains brightness during a long life.
    - ETL approved and DLC listed
    - Uniform and soft light
    - Efficient lighting solution for remodelling or new construction projects

  • The LED lighting experts at LEDtronics® (Torrance, CA), announced that they helped the Hilton Garden Inn, Washington, D.C. eliminate the time and costs involved in maintaining old, incandescent bulbs on their marquis canopy by replacing them with the latest, LED bulb technology. “We have been using the old, incandescent bulbs in the marquis since the hotel was built, and they constantly burnt out and needed to be replaced at least once a week”. “By switching to LED lamps, not only the lights provide a nice appearance, but we do not need to change the bulbs for years, and this saves us an extensive amount of maintenance time and costs.”

  • NEWS: Details of the 200lm/W TLED Lighting Technology Breakthrough Unraveled. Until now, similar efficiency levelshave been achieved in a cool and controlled lab setting or on component level, however, when placing the solution in a lamp it could lose up to 50% of its efficiency. Furthermore, to be suitable for real-world applications, the light produced by LEDs must fall within certain technical parameters. This LED technology breakthrough brings energy-efficient LED light suitable for general lighting applications to a whole new level. The 200lm/W LED is expected to hit the market in 2015 and will ultimately be used in a wide range of applications.


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