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    The needs of urban lighting are changing. It is no longer simply a matter of providing enough light in our towns and cities to ensure visibility and security; today, lighting is increasingly being used to create a nocturnal environment in which the city takes on a new identity, creating a more livable community that residents are proud of.

    LEDs lighting provide an unparalleled way of illuminating our outside environment in an exciting and practical manner. They are highly adaptable, allowing designers to move away from the static lighting of the past and venture into creating flexible ambiances that could, for example, change with the weather or the season, and provide festive colour options on public holidays. And all this with energy consumption that is only a fraction of conventional lighting techniques.


  • The Roadway Pozeen LED Street Lights. This model is approved by DesignLights Consortium under “outdoor pole/arm-mounted area and roadway luminaries” category. The SLPM series LED street lights utilize CREE LM80 LEDs and Mean Well LED driver, accepting 120-277V universal voltage (347V/480V optional), and are available in 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 160W, 200W, 250W and 300W. This model comes with typical 5000K colour temperature (3000K/4000K optional) and 90 LPW efficacy. Available in photo cell, the fixtures are designed for applications in streets, walkways, parking lots, and surrounding areas as a direct replacement. It could have different finish colours like grey, bronze and black and fit horizontal tenon (60mm diam).

  • NEWS: Details of the 200lm/W TLED Lighting Technology Breakthrough Unraveled. Until now, similar efficiency levelshave been achieved in a cool and controlled lab setting or on component level, however, when placing the solution in a lamp it could lose up to 50% of its efficiency. Furthermore, to be suitable for real-world applications, the light produced by LEDs must fall within certain technical parameters. This LED technology breakthrough brings energy-efficient LED light suitable for general lighting applications to a whole new level. The 200lm/W LED is expected to hit the market in 2015 and will ultimately be used in a wide range of applications.


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