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  • Smart bulbs and extra features Apple announced its HomeKit program at the start of the week, naming Philips, Cree, and Osram, among others, as approved partners.
    The Homekit program seeks to establish a common network protocol for home devices such as lights but also includes door locks, thermostats, and garage door openers. Other companies were demonstrating their implementation of smart bulb control, with ZigBee, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), and 6LoWPan being the most common. Smart lighting is a hot spot in LED controls, because it is often seen as a stalking horse for the Internet of Things: Easily commissioned intelligent light bulbs could result in radio receivers/transceivers capable of internet connectivity positioned throughout the home.
    PHILIPS was demonstrating its Hue, the first smartphone-controlled RGB home light bulb system, as well as the new Hue Lux and Tap (shown) additions to the Hue smart bulb line. The Hue Lux is a white-only bulb; the original Hue line is an RGB family of bulbs, controlled via a mobile device, which uses a Hue hardware gateway to communicate with a home's Wi-Fi internet modem. The Hue Tap is an on/off switch powered by the kinetic energy of being tapped to power itself.
    LIGHTING SCIENCE GROUP'S Definity Digital light is a color-tunable family of A19 bulbs that the company says will help people sleep better by working with the body's natural circadian rhythm, producing a bluer light in the morning to help in waking up and a redder light at night to help in falling asleep.
    OSRAM will enter the smart bulb business this fall with its Lightify product family, which supports multiple network protocols: ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface). Osram also introduced its new three-way bulb: The omnidirectional Sylvania Ultra 3-Way A-Line LED lamp is equivalent to a three-way incandescent 25/40/75W lamp but uses only 4W, 7W, or 14W and delivers 300, 500, or 1100 lm. Three-way bulbs seemed to be experiencing a small flurry of introductions: Cree also announced a new three-way bulb on Wednesday of the show. And TCP had a three-way lamp it was demonstrating, which will not be in production until the end of the summer.

  • Details of the 200lm/W TLED Lighting Technology Breakthrough Unraveled. Until now, similar efficiency levelshave been achieved in a cool and controlled lab setting or on component level, however, when placing the solution in a lamp it could lose up to 50% of its efficiency. Furthermore, to be suitable for real-world applications, the light produced by LEDs must fall within certain technical parameters. This LED technology breakthrough brings energy-efficient LED light suitable for general lighting applications to a whole new level. The 200lm/W LED is expected to hit the market in 2015 and will ultimately be used in a wide range of applications.

  • TDE-lighttech launches new generation LED Moodspot Tunable White.The Moodspot is a high output LED spot who combines two unique features.The colour tone is tunable from neutral white (4000K) to very warm white (1400K) and the Moodspot dims perfectly down to 0%, similar to Halogen lighting.

  • NEWS: Cree, the LED company best known for their $10 LED bulb, has had a busy year. After releasing the Cree LED bulb in 40W and 60W equivalent models, the company went on to ship a high colour accuracy model, the Cree TW, and a BR30 directional bulb. Recently, well under a year since the release of its first consumer LED bulb, Cree has announced a 75W-equivalent, 1100 lumen model, priced at US$24. The 75W-equivalent Cree LED bulb produces 1100 lumens at 13.5W, which means an it operates at an excellent 84.5 lumens-per-watt. The bulb is rated for 25,000 hours and runs at 2700K. As with Cree's other bulbs, it's backed by the company's 10-year warranty.

  • Dust-proof and competitive price are key words for new office LED flat panel.Features & benefits:
    - Dust-proof and maintains brightness during a long life.
    - ETL approved and DLC listed
    - Uniform and soft light
    - Efficient lighting solution for remodelling or new construction projects

  • The LED lighting experts at LEDtronics® (Torrance, CA), announced that they helped the Hilton Garden Inn, Washington, D.C. eliminate the time and costs involved in maintaining old, incandescent bulbs on their marquis canopy by replacing them with the latest, LED bulb technology. “We have been using the old, incandescent bulbs in the marquis since the hotel was built, and they constantly burnt out and needed to be replaced at least once a week”. “By switching to LED lamps, not only the lights provide a nice appearance, but we do not need to change the bulbs for years, and this saves us an extensive amount of maintenance time and costs.”

  • The Roadway Pozeen LED Street Lights. This model is approved by DesignLights Consortium under “outdoor pole/arm-mounted area and roadway luminaries” category. The SLPM series LED street lights utilize CREE LM80 LEDs and Mean Well LED driver, accepting 120-277V universal voltage (347V/480V optional), and are available in 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 160W, 200W, 250W and 300W. This model comes with typical 5000K colour temperature (3000K/4000K optional) and 90 LPW efficacy. Available in photo cell, the fixtures are designed for applications in streets, walkways, parking lots, and surrounding areas as a direct replacement. It could have different finish colours like grey, bronze and black and fit horizontal tenon (60mm diam).

  • "Macy's expects the retrofit will reduce the company's energy consumption by 73 percent" Plans are underway with Macy's to RETROFIT 117,000 Halogen based lights with highly energy efficient LED Lamps. Going from 43-watt halogen lamps to 17-watt LED lights is expected to provide the same Lumens with considerably less energy use. The new Accent Lighting LED bulbs will be custom-made by Philips.

  • NEWS: "LED light retrofit saves $4,200 per month for just one of 330 stores"Furniture Row owns 330 specialty furniture stores under various brand names. In this case 11-Watt Cree LED lights replaced 250 highly inefficient 90-Watt halogen bulbs. Between all of the stores employees were spending 15 hours per week just replacing bulbs. These lights are rated to last 50,000 hours. That means that these lights should operate for 17 years burning 8 hours a day seven days a week.

  • With the economy still in recovery mode, business owners are looking to cut costs wherever possible. This creates real opportunity when it comes to identifying alternatives to traditional lighting sources. For many businesses, transitioning from antiquating lighting modalities can be an attractive and ultimately cost-saving alternative. While LED can produce a long-term cost savings in terms of maintenance and energy expense when full conversions take place, there remains upfront costs that must be absorbed. It's important to understand the type of facility being considered and the external fixture designs that will be replaced. One of the primary obstacles currently in the industry is being able to fit the exact area that you are removing so that you do not incur additional patching or repairing costs and Muxmedia consultants will provide such expertise.